By combining expertise in traditional statistical analysis with modern integrated marketing strategy, M Squared navigates the complex, evolving, and often cluttered sports business landscape to deliver to clients sound insights to drive dynamic marketing partnerships and maximize sponsorship investments.

Asset Analysis & Valuation

M Squared has the cross-functional expertise and domestic market intelligence to provide real-time industry analysis as well as sponsorship and partnership valuation.

 A core strength of our approach is navigating the complex, rapidly evolving and often cluttered sports business landscape to determine the undervalued assets to include in integrated marketing partnerships, creating significant added value to both the buyers and the sellers. 

Strategic Partnership Development

Blending over a decade of industry knowledge with a deep understanding of how both the buyer (brand) and seller (property/athlete) define a successful partnership is a uniquely valuable combination of expertise and experience.

Those insights, combined with M Squared's core strength of recognizing the best combinations of marketing, promotion, and activation to reach each target demographic will provide the client a tailored, dynamic, fully integrated partnership strategy.

Athlete Development

In both individual and team sports, the experts at M Squared Research have demonstrated success in 360° evaluation and improvement planning strategy. On the field success stems from analyzing performance data and targeting areas for improvement over the competition, while off field success is measurably enhanced by personalized media training. M Squared is available to developed specialized programs to meet the exact needs of an individual or group of athletes.

Events / Cause Marketing

Sporting competitions are public spectacles, and the jewel contests are often surrounded by a series of other events supporting and celebrating the athletes, teams, leagues, fans and sponsors. The founder of M Squared has extensive experience working within the PGA TOUR and NCAA landscapes, both of which are comprised of nonprofit entities and events. Leveraging this strong background, we are prepared to create a new event plan, enhance and elevate an existing event or thoughtfully and authentically incorporate a charitable initiative into an athlete’s public calendar of events.


Megan Morgan

Megan Morgan, Founder & CEO

Megan Morgan is a senior sports industry executive with more than 18 years experience in a vast cross-section of disciplines and areas of expertise.  Throughout her career she has gained proficiency in all aspects of performance assessment and improvement for professional athletes, product development and launch, budgeting and P&L management, sponsorship and partnerships, and marketing/PR strategy.

Having started her career in research and development at Titleist, Megan transitioned from developing product in the lab to field testing of the flagship line of golf balls across the worldwide professional golf tours.  After 11 years in R&D, Megan took her extensive knowledge of the product and deep relationships with the Titleist brand ambassadors to the media department and became the company's first Director of Tour Communications.

Following a successful career at Titleist, spanning more than 14 years, Megan joined Wasserman's consulting division.  During her tenure in their New York office, she manged and executed the strategy and activation of a mid-seven figure annual sports sponsorship for a Fortune 200 company, among other clients and projects.

Prior to launching M Squared Research & Consulting, Morgan served as Associate Commissioner for Communications for the American Athletic Conference, a 12-team conference in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA.

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